TwAcK Is Whatever You want It To Be…

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Whatever you want

Welcome once again. You’re here trying to figure out what TwAcK is all about. You’ve read the intro and you came away with a better idea but still no cigar. Well, in a nutshell, I make no excuse for cliches, I love them, TwAcK is whatever you want it to be. Next topic? You want more, I get that, everyone needs a reason for something just ‘being’. Why is it here ? What is it for ? So on and so forth. I will try my best to explain, shed some light on why TwAcK is whatever you want it to be…

TwAcK A Philosophy For Life.

Whatever you want it to be, should be a philosophy for life. Maybe for some of you it already is. Kudos to you. The phrase is key in what TwAcK is all about. In fact, it is at the centre of its very essence. It’s ‘epicentre’ no less. It does share that space with some other principles who might argue that they are just as, if not more so, important.

As a taster, before we get into this more, let’s say the word ‘Future’. Semi random choice, there are others I could use but this will suffice for now. Now we put that in the TwAcK statement.

The ‘Future’ is whatever you want it to be…

Ummmh. Now that looks a bit different, doesn’t it. The phrase takes on a whole other meaning. We’ll leave it there for the moment and come back to it later. During which time you may feel free to try other words. I do so enjoy playing with words.

Where It All Began

I was going to write a whole post just dedicated to this and I still may do that. The early days according to TwAcK. I will stick to the plan though. I really do find it hard to contain myself sometimes, I just want to babble on, random ramblings, so to speak.

TwAck came about during a conversation round the dinner table. Well, I had already started to formulate the idea. I was, by this time, well on the journey out from some bad times. Just the way it is, we’ve all been there to one degree or another. I was flailing around deciding how I was going to approach the next stage in my life. With this in mind, I had been looking at different career options. I had worked in many industries but had no formal profession or qualification. A ‘journeyman’ some might say, starting at the bottom of many employments and working my way up.

I started to look at the possibility of becoming self-employed but in all honesty I had no clue as to what particular field that Ideamight be in. Whilst all these ruminations were going on in my head I had the thought ” What if I could create something out of nothing” To be more specific, what on earth I am going to do.

The thought stuck with me though. After a few days of exploring it more, I had a much clearer image in my head.

Back to the dinner table. This was back in the days when the children were young enough to still enjoy sitting at the table to eat. A pause came about and I dived in. “What would you think if I said it was possible to make something out of nothing” There were a few blank faces followed by “Er what do you mean.” I was in, they were going to have it.

So I went on explain what had been swirling around my head. The next bit tells you what I told them, you get the longer version, lucky you ? Before I go into it, do you know the best thing about that whole discussion ? When I had done my spiel, everyone was really positive, no one thought Dad had lost the plot. Bonus. No, it really was a bonus, without that initial enthusiasm, this may never have come about.

What Does It Mean Please.?

My vision for TwAcK was that it was an example for all of us, that you can make something from nothing. It’s gets a bit ethereal, so try to stay with me, in return I’ll try to stay on track, no promises though.

Where to begin. TwAcK is whatever you want it to be. How so ? I was having trouble deciding on what route to take with regards my own future path in life. Was I going to have to recreate myself, learn a new skill, go back into a career I had done before ? Somehow this had sparked the thought about TwAcK. I needed to invent something ? Not exactly.

TwAcK didn’t exist, I had created it out of nothing. Now it was real. It represented the possibility that we could all do that. TwAcK isn’t the ‘it’. Whatever you decide to create is the ‘IT’, TwAcK is the representation, it is the symbol if you like. TwAcK is behind what you do or the catalyst that helps you to formulate a plan.

Now I’ve typed, it actually makes more sense. Up until now I have tied myself up in knots trying to explain It. So simples.

Defining Your Own Idea

All well and good, you say. Some bloke tells me to make something out of nothing and expects me to just conjure something up ? Yes, that pretty much covers it. Problem ? You don’t have any ideas ? We’re already well outside the box, so coming up with possibilities should be easy. For me, I was already in between jobs, if you like. You may not be in the same situation. What I’m saying is, don’t run into work on Monday morning, telling your boss to put his job where the sun doesn’t shine. Do not ‘burn your bridges.’ At least not yet.

This can and should be a side project to start with. Children are brilliant at this. Take playing a musical instrument, they come home, all excited because they’re learning to play the recorder. Next week it’s the trumpet, then a guitar or in my case drums, not me but two of my offspring. The point is, they are never happier than when they are trying out something new. You should do the same. Isn’t there one thing you’ve always wanted to do or be ?

Just Do It

So, now you have a better understanding of this part of TwAcK. Hopefully it has opened up a part of you that has been trying to get out forever. Therapy time. No, not really. Let’s explore this a little deeper. You now know that it is possible to literally make something out of nothing. You are reading the proof. There are always plenty of reasons not to do stuff. Fear of failure maybe, don’t know enough, can’t afford it. The list goes on and on. Excuses don’t work here, you don’t even know what it is yet. Just do it.

That was the beginning. Since then TwAcK has evolved and now encompasses many more core values. I’ll continue to fill you in on the finer points of detail and let you into some of the future plans we have lined up.

With your help.

Ever wondered what TwAcK stands for ? Why not have a read of the next article, which is all about that.

===>Together We All Create Kindness With Paying It Forward<===

If you have any questions or if you just want to leave a comment, please feel free to do so below, I’ll always reply. Be well.

TwAcK Can Be Whatever You Want It To Be.

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