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TwAcK is Whatever You Want It To Be

Yes, you made it. Welcome to TwAcKs Sunday Service, I am so glad you could attend, more the merrier. First off, let me just clarify, TwAcKs Sunday Service is available every day of the week, not just on Sundays.

How Does It Work.

So, how does it work. ? Well it’s really very simple. Each week, your goal is to help someone in any way, shape or form, that you can. That’s it, plain and simple. You can provide a helping hand, support or just your expertise. How about giving something away for free, either your time, a product or your experience, if you have the means to do so. It can be big or small, makes no difference. Clear out your wardrobe of all those clothes you no longer wear. If you can sell some of them or other items, donate the proceeds to charity or a cause you believe in. There really are plenty of opportunities to do ‘the right thing’

We all have the right intentions for a lot if the time. We read something or watch a program and think, ‘I could do that’ but we never do. Our good intent stays as just that. Intent. We intend to do something but rarely do.

Twack is about carrying through with those good intentions and doing so without the caveat of wanting a reward of some kind. It’s about engaging which will, in turn, create habit. Before you know it, it will just be part of your week or even better, your day.


Best thing about all of this is the response when you share. That’s right, you’re allowed to sing it from the rooftops because that way, the chances are your voice, words or pictures will be seen and someone else might take action themselves. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you’ve helped another follow suit.Sharing

Then we have momentum, a snowball effect. It’s cumulative and will keep growing. This part has its roots in ‘Paying it Forward’ We do this so often without even realising it. Example, in your car, another motorist lets you into the traffic flow, within five minutes you are in the ‘flow’ letting another car in. Someone holds a door open for you, you are more likely to do the same if chance allows. Why do we do it ? We enjoy how it feels both ways. The more we do it the more of those feelings we will have.

So leave a comment, let everyone know what you’ve done, share and keep on sharing. When you see how a life has been changed or maybe just a day brightened, let u s all know.

It’s All About Engagement

Every Sunday of every week I will post a reminder on social media. Mainly Facebook but also anywhere else I can. It will just be a message along the lines of “What can you do this week to help someone”  Very simple. All I’m asking is that you give it some thought. Is there something you could do to help someone? Are you able to donate your time or expertise for free. You have a whole week to play with. Big or small, it doesn’t matter.

It might be as simple as giving directions to a bewildered passerby. Letting someone have your seat on a bus or a train. Taking the time to thank the person on the other side of the counter who served you so politely.

You may have your own business and be able to offer something extra that wasn’t in the original deal or maybe reduce the price. Pick a day and let some of your employees have an extra half hour on their lunch break.

It really can be anything at all as long as you are doing it freely and without the promise of something in return.

Once you have done whatever it is then you can post a comment on the platform of your choice or come back here and leave a comment for all to see.

Still Not Sure?


Sunday will be the catalyst if you like. For many of us it is the end of the week, a time to regroup and get ready for another seven days. A day to reflect on the past few days and maybe to plan for the next few. What better time then, to think of a way that you can help someone.
It doesn’t have to be a ‘grand gesture’. It can be large and arduous or simple and small. Either will do just fine. The key is that you’ve made the effort. Still scratching you head ? Ok, let me start over.

Every Sunday I’ll post a reminder…in as many places as I can find. During the next week you help someone out or do something ‘good’. Leave a comment or post. This can be anywhere you like. I’ll put my links at the end of this. Share what you’ve done with as many as you can.
Then the next Sunday we’ll start all over again. In the meantime I’ll see if I can re-post anything that really stands out.

Why ?

If you’ve read some of the other posts here at then you’ll know that one of the philosophies, precepts or just plain old aims, is to create kindness. Ways to do that can be varied. Many of you already do lots of fantastic things to help others. All we’re trying to do is find ways to do more and to do it more often. The more times we do something the easier it becomes. If we all did one extra act of kindness this week and by doing so encouraged another, somewhere along the line, how many of us would have benefitted ? The numbers could be huge. We have to start the ball rolling though.Comment

There you have it, not quite in a nutshell but as close as I can manage. You can leave a comment here, that would be awesome. You can also find us on Facebook and leave a comment there. Below is the link to our Facebook page. You are more than welcome to just pop in and say ‘Hi’

Twacks Facebook Page

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