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Welcome to TwAcK, it really is fantastic that you’re here. First of all, I must apologise to you personally. You have found our site and, well there isn’t very much here…yet. Don’t worry, that’s temporary. I am in the process, working hard behind the scenes to bring you everything you need to know about TwAcK.

For now let me formally welcome you to TwAcK and try to give you an insight into what we’re about and what we aim to achieve. Much of that will depend on you. Why you ? Well, as the site and awareness grows I want a portion of that to be down to you. I want your input. “No man is an island unto himself” TwAcK will not remain static, that’s not what we’re about.

TwAcK needs to be constantly evolving, dynamic and other ‘fluidy’ type words. As we grow I want TwAcK to grow for you. It is not just down to me, that just won’t work. Read on.

I had originally planned to give you a brief outline. Nothing to ‘Out there’ just a few basics about TwAcK what our goal, ambition and vision is. Well, my short intro turned into five long pages and it really was a bit too much. I would like you to be engaged, not falling asleep. So I have tried to put together a precised version that should give you enough to be going on with, for now.
I will add more over the coming weeks to make sure you have the full picture with regard to everything we stand for and what we will be achieving over the next weeks, months and years.

For now, Welcome to TwAcK.

What Is TwAcK.?

The ethos or ideology…uummmh…not really the right words, how about ‘spirit’.? The spirit of TwAck. Still, not quite right. You see, that’s one of the things I love about TwAcK. There is no one, single banner or headline that encompasses all that it stands for. Already in our short lifespan, what we advocate for has grown.

Is it a brand, a philosophy, a belief system or maybe an inspiration, a guide or just a reminder to us all that we can be better Whatever You Want It To Be...and achieve more than we think we can.

I could probably string a few big words together and pretend it was all of the above but again, I’m not sure that would suffice. Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” Maybe that does it? Sometimes I think the opposite is true.

I feel myself starting to waffle, so I will just get down to it. If I give you a brief paragraph or ten about TwAck, maybe you can make your own mind up.

Whatever You Want It To Be…

So let’s start with the ‘tagline’ if that’s the right phrase. When TwAck was first thought about and subsequently born…it came from an idea I had, to create something from nothing. That was my idea and I was going to run with it. Was it be possible for anyone, no matter who they were, where they came from, to believe in themselves enough to do the same. It didn’t matter what it was. A book, a business idea, a service, a song, a picture, the options were limitless. The point was that you could just sit down and say. “Right, this is what I’m going to do”

Oh I know you might not believe it’s possible. I know there are so many reasons why not to do anything. You may not even think it possible. You’re reading this aren’t you ? It’s real, it’s here. If I can do it, believe me anyone can. You just have to believe in yourself.

So TwAcK is “Whatever YOU want it to be”

Together We All Create Kindness.

Together we all create kindness.! Maybe it should be, together we can all create more kindness. Twcacmk. That doesn’t work as an acronym. However, we do create kindness and when we work together we can accomplish even greater things.

My vision is that TwAcK will become the catalyst for that unity. Creating kindness should be habit. The more you do it, the easier it becomes and the harder it is to stop. Imagine that, being kind is our default. I know, I know, plenty of you are kind and do truly wonderful things. We can do better is all I’m saying. Even the smallest of things to us can make a big difference to someone who could do with some help.

Paying It Forward

Paying it forward fits very snugly into the ethos of TwAcK. Seen the film.? It was a while back, to be fair. The basic premise is that someone does you a good deed and in return you pay a good deed forward to someone else. Quick and easy example. You’re in your car, patiently waiting at a junction for a space in the traffic. A driver slows down to let you in to the traffic. Further, up the road, you now see a driver waiting to pull out into the flow and you slow down and wave them in. Easy, you’ve just paid it forward. Here’s the thing. How many of you have been in the exact same position and instead of slowing down, you speed up….oh my, really ? None of you.? Well I have, more than once. In my defense I always have a good reason….can’t quite put my finger on it at the moment.

We could ‘Pay it Forward’ more. To do that, we have to ‘think it’ more often, no, not more often, all the time. How can I ‘Pay it Forward’. Is this a situation where I could ‘Pay it Forward’

If you want to you can. Just do it.

We’ve Barely Scratched The Surface.

There’s more, so much more but now is not the time. I think you may have had enough for one read through. I am sorry if I’ve gone on and on but this is my passion and I want it to be yours. TwAcK really is just the beginning. In the short term I will go into the above in more detail and I will add some more facets of TwAcK that we haven’t mentioned.

I ‘ll be adding more over the coming weeks, months, years. I will add my own visions and ideas but hope they will be equalled by your own thoughts and suggestions. I would like to share TwAcK with you and for you to add to TwAcK. Guide it, mould it and make it as much yours as it is mine. Make it ours.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you want to ask anything or would just like to leave a comment, feel free to leave one below. I’ll always reply. Be Well.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome To TwAcK”

  1. Wow! It’s all very intriguing!
    I love the pay it forward bit and I will try to do this more in my life. Use it as a way of living rather than having to consciously think about it!
    Thank you for the inspiration 😁

  2. I’ve had the lightbulb moment. Twack…not a nickname, but a creation. Of something from nothing.

    My brain hurts now.

    But in a good way.

    Paying It Forward…such feel-good fun. I’ve done it often, and done it well. That said, I have also dropped the ball a few too many times when it just didn’t suit — what, my mood?! Doing better would be a darn fine thing.

    And now, as I peer into the future I see it is filled with…. Twack Swag.

    How cool is THAT?!

    1. Yes, you’ve got it. Brains heal, don’t worry, they’re like muscles, they grow back bigger and better, least that’s what I keep telling myself. Paying it Forward anytime is a good thing, one is better than none. ‘Twack Swag’ I like it. It now has a ‘bubble’ on the mind map. Thank you largely for the visit. Be well.

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