Twacks Theory Of Evolution

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It’s really very simple. Twacks Theory of Evolution goes like this. Millions of years ago there was a big bang. Millions of years later Twack arrived and the world has never been the same since. No ?. OK then, you’ve had your chance. All you had to do was agree and we could have moved on. Now we’re going to have to explore my theory in more detail.

First of all before you get the ‘clicker’ out and change channels, this has nothing to do with Charles Darwin. His reputation forPicture of Charles Darwin being the huge brain that he was, will stay intact. While we’re talking about Darwin, did you know that when he first came up with the idea, probably sat in a bar after a couple of beers, it wasn’t well-received. A bit to radical and far-fetched. His theory, under the guise of ‘Origin of Species’ was published in 1859. Yet, it has been accepted, in the main, only since the 1940s.

So that was just over eighty years of everyone bickering about it before they finally said, ‘Yep, sounds good’ We really are muppets sometimes. Even now, there are still various ‘groups’ out there objecting to it. Although, it has to be said, that those opposing don’t have any scientific evidence and don’t follow any scientific methodology. Now that’s a surprise. Saying it’s so doesn’t actually make it so. Sorry.

Anyway, for the purpose of my own meanderings, we are going to assume that his theory is ‘sound’ and why not. It actually makes no difference to anything I’m about to hypothesise about. I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Chaz Darwin, legend.

Theory Or Not A Theory ?

That is the question. Man, you can’t buy this stuff. Sorry, a sampling of self-adulation going on there for a second. Theory or not a theory. Well, you can’t answer that because at the moment you have no idea what I’m about to postulate. When we finally get to it after some foundation laying, it may well be anti-climatic, so be it.

It is a theory but it’s not backed up with anything that scientific, well nothing factual actually. It’s more of my take on something and I just lay it out as to why think it is what it is. You may agree, you may disagree, tis’ your prerogative and ye will not be judged for it. There are probably some legalese words for it, hearsay (not the band) findings, evidentiary. Who knows.

It’s a brief synopsis of where we are now and how we got here. Darwin explains the real how, I’m just using timelines and stuff. My disclaimer ? Well I’ve tried to research the facts as best I can but don’t jump on me if there are a few discrepancies along the way. It’s not meant to be a textbook more of a vessel to convey a message, if you will.

How I’m going to make this brief is beyond me at present. I did do a roughed out version, by hand, after four long pages I had to stop. I was on a fact finding mission and you wouldn’t believe how many facts there are between the start of the world and now. My ‘brief’ is going to be just that, brief an encapsulating, don’t worry. I will be ‘precising’ like a madman. Madder man. That could be a new Superhero. ‘Madderman’. Could that be a ‘Superpower ?’

In The Beginning

The art of dumbing down. We’re not going all the way back to the start, we’re going to jump ahead a few million years, quite a few, actually. We shall start at approximately 1.8 million years ago, are we sitting comfortably ? Excellent. The main man/woman on the planet was ‘Homo-Erectus’ made more famous in recent years by Joey from ‘Friends’. Moving on. They were ‘Hunter Gatherers’ and co-existed for a time alongside ‘Scavengers’. All hunting, gathering and scavenging to their hearts content.
Old Skull

Their diet consisted mainly of seafood, eggs, nuts and fruits, not so much meat but it was there. They co-existed quite happily. This continued for a brief time, brief in the grand scheme of things. So let’s skip ahead. Approximately 1.6 million years to be slightly less than precise. Homo Sapiens were on the scene and although still hunter-gatherers, they were slightly better at it.

This time bears out the ‘Endurance Running Hypothesis’ we have kicking around today. Days, nay, weeks, could be spent on the ‘hunt’ for food. During this time, they would have lived of the land. At the end of the chase there would be the reward of some animal or other. This is an important part to remember, it will come in useful later. (much later as it turns out)

Settling Down

This remained the main form of sustenance and survival until approximately 12,000 years ago. The ‘HGs’, as I like to call them, are now more skilled at what they’ve been doing for the past few thousand years. About time. Agriculture became more apparent and with that, farmers. So the transition came about, Hunter Gatherers became less prominent but did not disappear, even to this day you can still find some in remote regions.

Neolithic Times

So, as the sub heading suggests, we are now into the Neolithic times. Due to many countries’ education systems, most of us will be more familiar with this as it contains ‘The Stone Age’, leading to ‘The Bronze Age’ and finally ‘The Iron Age’

We’re going to smash our way through a few thousand years by completely skipping over anything of note during those times. It’s fairly self-explanatory really. Learn how to make stuff with and using stone, then bronze and then iron. Somewhere in there, the wheel was also invented, though tyres were hard to come by. Not that it mattered as the internal combustion engine was a way aways.

Quick History Lesson

So we’re now at about 1200 BC in Europe, well everywhere, really. We are much more civilised, not quite Sunday morningColosseum papers, more that farming was more prominent and we’ve started to keep animal stock. Tools and utensils abound and the earliest civilisations are starting to form. We were on our way to ‘growing up’ I guess. Worth pointing out that in 753 BC a small place called Rome appeared. Quaint. I’ve just had a quick scan through some of ‘their’ history and it’s a bit mad. Far too much going on for too many centuries. Needless to say, they pretty much revolutionised wherever they laid their proverbial hats or toga’s. For now, we’re taking a quick hop and a skip to approximately 200 BC. I mean there really is no point in dragging ourselves through endless centuries, where not much happens in any fashionable way to make my article more interesting. That’s just the way it is.

We are now far more acceptable as humans. This is due, in some respects, to the fact, that with more and more societies forming there are less and less Hunter Gatherers, as they are a bit redundant, especially when villages and towns are springing up right, left and centre.

N.B. Remember this note. Our eating habits become more selective, not quite as ‘all encompassing’. I’m not sure if we’ve invented ‘chips’ or ‘sausage and mash’ yet though.

Time To Move On

Very old clock

Now, because I’m not writing a book but instead an article, at some point I’d like to make a point, no really, I would. We’re going to precis a few thousand years, call it ‘website owners license.’ If you will.

Basically, between the start and the end of approximately 3800BC years and even later in Europe, humans became more like we are today. Lifestyle became more sedentary. Less time spent roaming the land, looking for beasts to kill and eat. More time spent at home, growing crops.

Another N.B. At this point it’s worth noting that there has been an upturn in disease, worldwide. Nice one. Looks like we’re heading in the right direction.

Same Old Same Old

I’d like to say that this trend (disease etc) continues only up to a point, sadly, that’s not the case. Still, let’s try to stick with some sort of timeline. The Bronze Age turns into ‘The Dark Ages’ and there is loads of destruction. Empires are built, get destroyed and territories change hands umpteen times. Add into the mix, volcanoes erupting, droughts and other such natural disasters. You get the picture, no doubt.

Almost There

Another quick, hop, skip and a jump and we’re at ‘0’. Finally, we’ve gone from BC to AD. Now, things are starting to change on a more accelerated path. Loads of stuff is happening over a shorted period of time. As a species we are still relatively healthy and fit and had been for a fair few million years.

N.B. World population at the BC/AD intersection was approximately 200 million (some estimate as high as maybe 600 million) we’ll stick with the lower.

Now, within the space of a few ‘tens of thousand’ years, we are ‘losing the edge.’ and it just carries on right up to the present day. We were so good for millions of years and then in the space of a few thousand, it all went ‘pear-shaped’

Don’t get me wrong, over the last 2000 we have made incredible advances, we know what they are, so no need for a list. Well, maybe just a few of my favourites. We’ve excelled, nay made it an art form, in war. Religion has become a bestseller and technology has over performed and helped us to accomplish some phenomenal things. Today you can live without even leaving your home. Work from home, have your food delivered, pay your bills, mobile everything, I digress.

Let’s Get To It.

Where does all of this get us ? Why such a long winded article giving you, what might seem, irrelevant information that some of you might all be well aware of. I think it was important to give you a ‘time’ perspective. Man evolved over many millions of years and existed in a state close to what we are today for a long time.
Sands of time

From approximately 8000 BC, when it was estimated that the population was about 5 million, it grew to 200 million mark by the time we reached ‘0’, as stated above. Conservatively the ‘growth’ rate was about 0.05% per year. Now we’re going to play with the figures so you have an idea of what has blown my mind and led me to the conclusion we’ll get to shortly.

Between ‘0’ and 1800 AD the population rose to 1 Billion. So in ‘real’ terms it has taken mankind its entire history to rise to the one billion mark and that ‘marker’ is 1800 AD.

Interesting timeline facts of this year are. US President John Adams is the first president to occupy the White House, Beethoven’s 1st Symphony in C is performed for the first time and Alessandro Volta admits to a mate that he’s invented the ‘battery.’ Not a bad year, all in all.

Have a seat, you might need it. Between 1800 and 1930 the world population doubles, that’s right, doubles into two billion. So we’ve got the entire length of humanity to get to the one billion point and then 130 years to add another billion. Stay seated, it gets better. The year is 1930 and we’ve squished another billion onto the planet since 1800. In this year, Betty Boop debuts in her first animated roll, Clint Eastwood is born (Definitely a million dollar baby), Football has its first World Cup and ‘Pluto’ was discovered.

Not wanting to be outdone by ourselves, we outdid ourselves instead and added another billion sweaty peoples’ in the spaceElvis of, ready for it ? 30 years. That’s right, in 1960 the population of our dear, weighted down, earth had increased yet another billion to three billion. Can you see a pattern emerging yet ? Ironically, this was the year the US became the first country to legalise the birth control pill (Well, better late than never I suppose.) The ‘Flintstones’ hit our screens, Jean Claude Van Damme was born and Elvis Presley released “Are you lonesome tonight” which was quite fitting, really.

If that isn’t enough jaw-dropping info for you then fear not, there’s more. You couldn’t write this stuff. Between 1960 and 1974 we happily procreated our way to another billion making it four, let’s not stop there though, we’re on a roll. Forging ahead a mere 13 years and look, another billion. 1987 and the number is a solid 5 billion.

Since the 1960s the increase in the populous has ‘slowed’ somewhat and although still growing, the yearly increments are decreasing. Currently in 2019 we are idling at 7.7 billion. That means in the twenty-first century alone (1/1/1901-31/12/2000) the world population has gone from 1.65 billion up to 6 billion. Here’s how it looks on a graph, as if you needed the point reinforcing.

Graph of world population over the last two millennia

The axis are self-evident, I would think but just in case. Across the bottom is the year starting at ‘0’ and the vertical is the number of ‘bods’ in ‘billions.’ Paints a pretty picture doesn’t it.

Now I know that statistics and figures can be manipulated to say pretty much what you want them to. For every opinion going one way there can and usually is, one going in the opposite direction. With that in mind I’m going to ruminate on the numbers and let you do the same. What do these figures conjure up in your inquisitive mind ?

In Deliberation

When I started this article I had a clear idea of where I wanted to go with it. As with most of my posts, there is an amount of ‘journey’ before reaching the destination. Somewhere along this particular path, the ‘journey’ took me in a different direction. My original intention was to give the ‘timeline’ up to the present day and then introduce some of my thoughts on the ‘health’ of the human species as it stands now and how this has been impacted upon in such a short time, in the bigger scheme of things, that is. How we have become susceptible to disease due to the radical change in our diets over the last two hundred years, actually it’s more like fifty years.

The number forty two

Now, after researching this subject I have found that there is so much more that concerns me. I am a firm believer that many aspects in our lives are interconnected but we don’t always get the chance to find out which ones. Now and then we get one of those moments when the proverbial ‘penny’ drops and there is clarity, an ‘Aha’ moment, if you like. I’m not talking about ‘Deep Thought’ coming up with ’42’ as the meaning of life (Even though when he did come up with the answer, he had forgotten the question) Moreover, an answer comes up to a question you hadn’t really asked, or if you had, you’d not paid it much attention. One of the reasons that happens is because we think only in generational terms. It’s about our children, their children and very occasionally their children’s children. We really need to be thinking much further ahead, much further ahead indeed and putting into place solutions now.

It’s a bit like owning a little two-seater sports car and trying to fit ten people in. When you manage to do it, you don’t understand why it doesn’t want to perform like you know it can. I’m into cars, so it seemed like a good analogy to make a point.

Brief examples before I sign off. For many years there have been concerns about ‘Fossil fuels’ being depleted and the need for alternative energy supplies. Destruction of the Rainforest. Global Warming. Plastic in the oceans. These are the tip of the ever melting iceberg (See what I did there ?) They are all questions that are constantly being talked about. I don’t think you can answer them in a way that does them justice. We never seem to have all the facts in front of us and when we do, I’m not always one hundred percent confident that the sources can be relied upon.

So ‘Twack’s Theory of Evolution’ seems to be in need of more ‘postulation’. There seems to be plenty more areas and topics that can be delved into that have emanated from this post, at least in my mind, and as I’m writing it, that’s a bonus. I was going so well and then it kind of took on a life of it’s own. That’s not a bad thing. If we were sat round a table, having a discussion about a certain topic that we became impassioned about, there would be the possibility that our minds might get changed during the discourse and that would be a good thing.

Closed minds, close doors.

Be well.

Twack Romero

PS. Comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome. Please feel free to do so below.

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24 thoughts on “Twacks Theory Of Evolution”

  1. Felt like I was back in 10th grade in AP Euro, learning about the history of Europe beginning with the Middle Ages. This brought me back, reading about Origin of Species and Darwin. Not to mention the transition into the U.S, that’s a whole other titan. Thank you for giving me a refresher about your past!

    1. You’re welcome Jose and thank you for popping in. I didn’t envisage a ‘history’ lesson when I started but I suppose because of the subject matter, it was always going to be a bit like one. It’s hard to precis a few million years or make it sound interesting. Let’s hope I managed at least one.

      Thank you kindly sir, be well.

      Twack Romero.

  2. The first thing that comes to mind when opening this website is How fascinating the title just jumps right at you. Twack’s Theory of Evolution is a lifestyle blog full of emotional, inspirational and deep-thought principles and values offer by this author. The more I read into the article, (even though it can be turned into a quick E-book)the more curious I get to find the origin and author of Twack..Is Twack Romero a real person?This article is whatever is  you want it to be, is probably some of the best advice any online marketer can get for free.Twacks Sunday Service, in reality, can be an outstanding weekly venue that many people would look forward to attend, Everyweek i would tune in with any hesitation.

    1. You are one very generous individual and I thank you deeply for your comments. Ebooks have been mentioned before, never quite sure how to go about it. How long do they have to be always baffles me. However, it will be something I shall have to consider at some point. I do like the thought of them and I could make them free to download. Interesting. Thank you again, I’m on it.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  3. Hi Twack,

    I appreciate the opportunity to offer some comments on you website.

    “Twacks Theory of Evolution”. Totally mesmerizing had me captured. However I did have a problem with the HG’s and the NB’s. Having to scroll up to determine what they were referencing. Perhaps more attention on my part would have helped me better. Not trying to be a critic here as there is no call for that. “US PresidenT John Adams”, not sure if the capital T was intentional.

    Totally captivating articles, which made me feel like an audience member listening to you in real life. I just wanted to keep on reading and I did.

    Paying it forward. That act of kindness a great way to be, or become. The simple things can mean a lot, and you conveyed that point quite well.

    TwAck, always wondered why that name. From reading on through your articles I would tend to believe it means, “Together we All create Kindness. Wow!

    Perhaps I am not following the guidelines as supposed to, but sometimes certain things just don’t work out that way.

    I have bookmarked your site. There is a lot of knowledge here and a lot to learn from you.

    Thank you TWACK.

    Best wishes,


    1. Hi Michael, how awesome that you found me, outstanding. Forget about guidelines, they don’t apply here. ‘Your money’s no good here’ as they say. ‘T’ for typo, will amend asap and the ‘HG’s’ well, truth be told, I couldn’t be bothered to keep typing ‘Hunter Gatherers.’ All still a work in progress but that’s all good though. Spreading the word, changing the world one act of kindness at a time. Early days.

      As for the post, well it ended up in a different place than I initially intended. That’s alright, I can always add a ‘Part Deux’ might even add Charlie Sheen into the mix. All being well I shall be trying to add more consistently, so much to do though. Where does one start ? Right here, with evolution. What happens from here on in though ? That’s what interests me.

      Thank you again for dropping by Michael, you are always welcome, anytime. 

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  4. To be sure I understand the point it is that you are trying to get to, you are saying that the Earth is becoming overcrowded?  What is your solution for solving this dilemma?  I appreciate that you have written an incredible post here but I am just trying to understand what exactly you are trying to exactly express here.  


    1. Hi Robert, appreciate you stopping by. As I said towards the end of the post, it kind of went in a different direction to the one I originally intended. So I totally understand that the ‘point’ might be a tad blurred around the edges. I think your observation is a valid one and I’m not sure one answer will suffice for your question. I think we can all do more and that’s only going to happen if we all, as individuals do more. Not my area of expertise but we could conserve energy better, recycle more, look to promoting sustainable energy sources, globally help put infrastructure into some countries. Help those who are homeless, starving or being persecuted. Start thinking like a global community rather than individual nations. None of it it coffee break natter stuff is it ? I haven’t got 100% ‘solutions’ but I know that if we make these issues a priority for all of us, we might achieve something great, together.

      Be well

      Twack Romero

  5. Hi Twack, since I feel as though I just stepped into a parallel universe, I’ll comment as such. Thanks for the history of humankind in a nutshell (I learned some stuff I didn’t know), but I do think you’re on the right track. We’ve turned “survival of the fittest” on its head while reproducing at an alarming rate without any thought at all about our dear Mother Earth. How much more can she take? 

    I remember being well educated about the population explosion when I was in college. It was so scary (and this was 20 years ago) that my husband and I made the conscious decision not to have kids. We agreed to make taking care of what is already here on the planet, a priority. We thought about adopting a child, but we ended up being adoptive ‘pet parents’ over the years.  

    Do you remember Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”? At the time folks seemed to take to it, to realize that global warming is not a hysterical myth and that greenhouse gases are slowly choking the planet. Then it just seemed to blow over and people decided to ‘forget’ it, or not ‘believe’ it. 

    Then we Americans (I’m American) got hopeful again when President Obama was in office. Now look what’s running the United States. I can’t even watch the news anymore, because I can’t bring myself to acknowledge that man as president.  

    Thanks Twack, I feel better anyway, for venting. This was a very interesting and important message, and you made it entertaining as well.


    1. I love your response, it just ‘floats my boat’ as the saying goes. Many years ago, before I actually knew you could build websites quite easily, I always fancied setting up a site called ‘Vent it’ where you could just go and rant for a paragraph or two, anything goes (with proper moderation of course) Anyway, that ship has sailed.

      Being a ‘pet parent’ is worthy in itself, we have two Huskys, dippy but lovable. As to our general ‘head in the sand’ attitude we could discuss it all day everyday and be no further forward.Is it about money I wonder ? Most things seem to be. With our advancements in technology and science, are we really saying that we cannot produce cheap, sustainable energy ? I have my doubts.

      Please feel free to pop in anytime for a ‘vent’ you are always welcome.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  6. nice websites ,detailed and you can learn from it .my suggestion  put some more picture to it.
    the title must more interesting because honestly i don’t know the meaning of the title.

    but reading your website every minute i think i know now what the title means.your website is cool and detailed .struggling in making website like yours but seeing your website i get an idea how will i create my first site and thanks for that.i hope you will put some more interesting content to it .

    1. Awesome, thanking you very muchly. I shall act upon your feedback, which is gratefully received and appreciated. Here’s to more content for the both of us.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  7. It does not surprise me at all that Darwain’s theory was not well received initially as any new ides is usually ridiculed at first.  But when it is finally accepted all those naysayers claim to have agreed all along.

    It’s an interesting scenario following the progression from hunter/gatherer to farmer to the keeping of animal stock.  So many changes as we move through time and the various ‘ages’. 

    It’s amazing to me that the population at the beginning of A.D. was only around 200 M compared to today.  1960 was 3 B and I thought that was a lot.  It’s amazing that we are at 7.7 B today.  

    You have brought up much ‘food’ for thought. I look forward to your future posts.

    1. Is it lack of understanding or just change that brings about the reaction you mentioned to ‘new’ theories, do you think ? The current ‘growth’ rate is slowing, which can only be a good thing but I wonder how far into the future we can sustain such a population. If, as a ‘planet’ the effort is made jointly, then now is the time to put in place contingencies. The longer we leave it, the harder it will become. You have great thoughts, thank you.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  8. This article was quite difficult to understand when I read through the first time, until I did over and over again, the figures and years were quite confusing until I got to realize that it’s does involve human evolution, the figure after centuries were amazing great, but the fact is are we going to be able to handle what comes with evolving in terms of population? 

    1. Hello and welcome to the ‘big’ question. You have raised an excellent question and one that has no definitive answer, I think. There may well be predictictions based on best case scenarios, I suppose. Other than that, we’ll just have to wait and see. Appreciate you popping in.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  9. I did not know that the population sort of accelerated so much like you described. Also when you mentioned the weighted down Earth it made me think if all these new humans are created and let’s say they weigh an average of 80 lb if you take into account the humans of all different ages and sizes then you add 80 billion pounds of weight to the Earth. Or in the case of adding six billion people you add 480 billion pounds of weight to the Earth.
    So I just looked and the Earth weighs 13,170,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pounds. So is it possible for 480 billion pounds to offset that at all? Or even if it did does the law of conservation of mass apply and all of that weight already existed on the Earth but just in different places?
    Thanks for this article I thank you have a good writing voice and I feel like I can kind of hear your personality when you write. So that is a good thing. I will probably be back to your website in the future.

    1. Hello Charles, your comment is right up there in the top ‘whatever’. I love when I read something new and mind boggling, as your facts are. You’d probably know the answers to your musings better than I. I’m no scientist so forgive me if I blunder through my observation. The weight of the earth is a perplexing one because it exists in a vacuum, does that mean it has no weight, just mass, or is it the other way round. Either way, your reply has me thinking, thank you. 

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  10. Dear Twack,

    A lot of arguments and objection to the theory of Evolution. I read it on my schooling and after a long time; I am reading an article related to it. Through your article, you walked me through the ages and I got helpful insights from your article.

    Great information, you have really given a lot of value here. I really enjoyed the content and in the manner that you presented. Recently watched the movie Inferno which is talking about the overpopulation.

    Thank you for sharing this post. It’s very insightful and enlightening. I believe one read is not enough and I am bookmarking your article for future reference.

    You gave us an encyclopedia of knowledge here and your article certainly made me think more on the subject.


    1. Thank you for your wonderful response. Dan Brown has written some worthy novels, his Robert Langdon ones are an enjoyable and sometimes complex read. I was talking with one of my sons a few days ago, we discussed how so many of the great ‘quotes’ and or literary works are from times long gone. I wonder if there are ‘great works’ being written now that will be viewed in centuries to come.

  11. This was very entertaining to read! And the impact that humans have had in history are only growing.
    I can’t wait for more! You have a great way of adding voice to your writing!
    Best Regards,

    1. Hello Amber, thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. You are very kind and astute, we are having a huge impact and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon. Time we all got on and did something about it, methinks.

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