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If you’ve had a look round the site then you should have a bit of an idea of what Twack is all about. It’s not easy to sum it up in a few words, so I won’t. All we’re doing at the moment is having a conversation. Maybe a few of the paragraphs have been thought-provoking, maybe not. The ideal scenario is that you’ve read something and then taken some form of action. That would be awesome. Well Twacks Foundation For The Future is different. This part is all about action.

More Than Just Words.

Words are important, hugely, in my opinion. The phrases and words that pass through our lips can uplift or devastate. “I love you, I hate you, I need your help, can I help you ?” Loving a good quote, you can have “The pen is mightier than the sword” and it’s true that words can do harm as well as good. Aside from those examples words can create thoughts which in turn become reality. Nothing ever just appeared, it always started with an idea or a conversation.

Hopefully, already, some of you have taken on board some of my thoughts and turned them into something more tangible. It might only be in form of words and that’s OK too. Alternatively you may have performed an act of kindness and if that’s the case then you are truly awesome.


Twacks Foundation will be more about doing than saying. I want to build something that will physically and actively help others in our world. At this point I’m just sharing with you an idea, it will happen but not overnight. Like most of what I do, it gets planned in my head and then gradually manifests out onto the page. Obviously creating an entity that is more ‘bricks and mortar’, so to speak, will require a little more than me just sat at a keyboard typing. But hey, how hard can it be and it has to start somewhere.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Phoenix bird on top of flames

I know what you’re thinking, he’s just contradicted himself. Possibly but everything has its place and although the pen is mightier than the sword so it is also true that actions speak louder than words. A call to action, no less. Time to put your money where your mouth is, stand up and be counted, so on and so forth. All just words and hyperbole.

I have been ‘sat’ on this idea for a number of years. It has been residing in the back of my mind, always there, never really pushing itself to the forefront. Well it is now. This year has been the Phoenix year, for Twack. I have done more over the last few months than I have before. By adding this post I have given my thoughts life. Yes, I have committed for all to see. No turning back now.

More Than A Charity

Ever asked yourself the question,’How many charities are there worldwide ?’ Probably not. I have. It’s not a figure that’s easily found. After doing a short amount of research I came up with an approximate total of 1.5million registered charities, worldwide. This figure was the latest I could find and is yet still a few years old. It will do for the purposes here.

1.5 million charities worldwide. Well, which ones should we donate to ? Which ones are the most worthy ? It’s a moot point, really. They’re all worthy as they will all mean something different to everyone. There is no right or wrong when it comes to giving. We all give dependent of a number of factors. It may be something to do with our beliefs, it might have to do with our upbringing or something that happened to us, or one of our loved ones, during our lives. It might just be that we prefer dogs to humans. For the most part it’s a personal choice, unless of course someone sticks a collection jar in your face and you can’t think of a good reason not to empty your pocket of loose change.

This is one of the reasons I wanted to create Twacks Foundation. It takes the choices away. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some hard decisions to make. It does mean though, that there will be real help happening. Whatever is at the top of the list will have our undivided attention, not a charity, more of a legacy.

Concentrated Not Diluted.

So we’ve now realised that there are millions of charities and good causes. I know that when all the separate donations are Bottle of orange concentrateadded up together they can make a difference. Who gets to decide ? I say, ‘let’s raise some money for charity, who shall we give it to ?’ For argument’s sake, you all give me some suggestions and I split the donations equally among them all. Yay, they all got enough to cover their postage costs for a day. I’m not saying it doesn’t help, of course it does, like I said, add them together with all the other donations across the board and the money can actually be used to make a difference.

I want to create an organisation that works from the front. How can I be sure that the money being raised or donated is going to exactly the place I want it to. If, on the other hand, we’re actually part of the solution to whatever it is, we know that one hundred percent of our time, effort and money is going where it is needed.

I am not naive enough not to realise that even by going down this particular route there will be some who are disgruntled. Those that believe there are more worthwhile causes than the ones we might choose to work with. I get that and I have no argument for you there. Everyone has their own take on it and no matter how hard we try we’re not going to please them all.

Hard Choices

So, as I’ve just touched on above, there will be some hard choices down the road in regard to where and how to concentrate our efforts. In an ideal world the whole plan will take off and grow exponentially. That would mean we could move into other areas and help more and more. To start with there should realistically only be one area of focus. Not completely sure what that will be just yet but I have some ideas. Feel free to ‘chip in’ with any thoughts you might have.

Logistics would be a key concern. As much as there are issues that need addressing in countries other than here, being able to set something up overseas would be challenging to say the least. Not that I would shy away from such a challenge, just need to be smart in the short term and not let emotion rule over the top of practicability.

The other upside to that would be exposure. Any success we have would hopefully bring an amount of ‘Good Press’ as it were. Raising the awareness can only be a good thing. In time that will enable us to move forward onto other projects. Twack is here for the long haul so I want to make sure everything that is put in place at the beginning will remain strong in the future. Good foundations will allow us to build as high as we can.

We Can All Help

The words 'without solid foundations nothing of substance can be built' in white on a black background

This is just a ‘truism’, if that’s even a word. Going back to the ethos of Twack, we can all help. Whether it’s the nitty gritty of opening a door for someone to volunteering your time for a worthy cause, it all adds up and all helps someone down the line. Of course, if there’s a like-minded benefactor out there that has funds burning a hole in their pocket then please feel free to get in touch, I would love to hear from you. I know, slim chance but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

In the meantime, while we’re waiting for said benefactor, we shall start putting some ideas together for raising both funds and awareness. Any suggestions you have will always be gratefully received. It’s a huge undertaking when you stop and think about it, maybe that’s why not many actually do.

I’m only just starting with the Social Media side of things so any help with sharing and liking would be welcome. All the various ‘buttons’ are scattered around. Comments and questions are always appreciated and will be answered asap.

For now, I’ll leave you to your day, enjoy and be well.

Twack Romero.



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