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It’s been a while since I first posted this and I wanted to go through and refresh/tweak anything that might need it. ‘Twack’s’ online presence is growing, slowly but surely. Personally, I’ve been on a mission to ‘spread the word’ as it were. I have met some incredible people over the last few months and my ideas have taken on more substance, in no small part to those I have interacted with. It is still very early on, in the big scheme of things. All I can say is that I am still incredibly excited about where we are going.

A direction sign syaing 'bright future'

If you’ve had a look round the site then you should have a bit of an idea of what Twack is all about. It’s not easy to sum it up in a few words, so I won’t. All we’re doing at the moment is having a conversation. Maybe a few of the paragraphs have been thought-provoking, maybe not. The ideal scenario is that you’ve read something and then taken some form of action. That would be awesome. Well Twacks Foundation For The Future is different. This part is all about action.

More Than Just Words.

Words are important, hugely, in my opinion. The phrases and words that pass through our lips can uplift or devastate. “I love you, I hate you, I need your help, can I help you ?” Loving a good quote, you can have “The pen is mightier than the sword” and it’s true that words can do harm as well as good. Aside from those examples words can create thoughts which in turn become reality. Nothing ever just appeared, it always started with an idea or a conversation.

Hopefully, already, some of you have taken on board some of my thoughts and turned them into something more tangible. It might only be in form of words and that’s OK too.  Alternatively you may have performed an act of kindness and if that’s the case then you are truly awesome, really you are.


Twacks Foundation will be more about doing than saying. I want to build something that will physically and actively help others in our world. At this point I’m just sharing with you an idea, it will happen but not overnight. Like most of what I do, it gets planned in my head and then gradually manifests out onto the page, or onto an unsuspecting world. Obviously creating an entity that is more ‘bricks and mortar’, so to speak, will require a little more than me just sat at a keyboard typing. But hey, how hard can it be and it has to start somewhere.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Phoenix bird on top of flames

I know what you’re thinking, he’s just contradicted himself. Possibly but everything has its place and although the pen is mightier than the sword so it is also true that actions do speak louder than words. A call to action, no less. Time to put your money where your mouth is, stand up and be counted, so on and so forth. All just words and hyperbole.

I have been ‘sat’ on this idea for a number of years. It has been residing in the back of my mind, always there, never really pushing itself to the forefront.  Well it is now. This year has been the Phoenix year, for Twack. I have done more over the last few months than I have before. By adding and updating this post I have given my thoughts life. Yes, I have committed for all to see. No turning back now.

More Than A Charity

Ever asked yourself the question, ‘How many charities are there worldwide?’ Probably not. I have. It’s not a figure that’s easily found. After doing a short amount of research I came up with an approximate total of 1.5million registered charities, worldwide. This figure was the latest I could find and is yet still a few years old. It will do for the purposes here.

1.5 million charities worldwide. Well, which ones should we donate to ? Which ones are the most worthy ? It’s a moot point, really. They’re all worthy as they will all mean something different to everyone. There is no right or wrong when it comes to giving. We all give dependent of a number of factors. It may be something to do with our beliefs, it might have to do with our upbringing or something that happened to us, or one of our loved ones, during our lives. It might just be that we prefer dogs to humans. For the most part it’s a personal choice, unless of course someone sticks a collection jar in your face and you can’t think of a good reason not to empty your pocket of loose change.

This is one of the reasons I wanted to create Twacks Foundation. It takes the choices away. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some hard decisions to make. It does mean though, that there will be real help happening. Whatever is at the top of the list will have my undivided attention, not a charity, more of a legacy. I want it to be ‘Hands-on’ That way I will be able to see tangible, real-time results.

Concentrated Not Diluted.

So we’ve now realised that there are millions of charities and good causes. I know that when all the separate donations are Bottle of orange concentrateadded up together they can make a difference. Then, who gets to decide ? I say, ‘let’s raise some money for charity, but who shall we give it to ?’ For argument’s sake, you all give me some suggestions and I split the donations equally among them all. Yay, they all got enough to cover their postage costs for a day. I’m not saying it doesn’t help, of course it does. like I said, add them together with all the other donations across the board and the money can actually be used to make a difference.

I want to create an organisation that works from the front. How else can I be sure that the money being raised or donated is going to exactly the place I want it to. If, on the other hand, we’re actually part of the solution to whatever ‘it’ is,  then in turn, we know that one hundred percent of our time, effort and money is going where it is needed.

I am not naive enough, not to realise, that even by going down this particular route there will be some who are disgruntled. Those that believe there are more worthwhile causes than the ones we might choose to work with or on. I get that and I have no argument for you there. Everyone has their own take on it and no matter how hard we try we’re not going to please them all.

Hard Choices

So, as I’ve just touched on above, there will be some hard choices down the road in regard to where and how to concentrate our efforts. In an ideal world the whole plan will take off and grow exponentially. That would mean we could move into other areas and help more and more. To start with there should realistically only be one area of focus. Not completely sure what that will be just yet but I have some ideas. Feel free to ‘chip in’ with any thoughts you might have.

Logistics would be a key concern. As much as there are issues that need addressing in countries other than where I am, being able to set something up overseas would be challenging to say the least. Not that I would shy away from such a challenge, just need to be smart in the short term and not let emotion rule over the top of practicability.

The other upside to that would be exposure. Any success we have would hopefully bring an amount of ‘Good Press’ as it were. Raising the awareness can only be a good thing. In time that will enable us to move forward onto other projects. Twack is here for the long haul so I want to make sure everything that is put in place at the beginning will remain strong in the future. Good foundations will allow us to build as high as we can.

We Can All Help

The words 'without solid foundations nothing of substance can be built' in white on a black background

This is just a ‘truism’, if that’s even a word. Going back to the ethos of Twack, we can all help. Whether it’s the nitty gritty of opening a door for someone to volunteering your time for a worthy cause, it all adds up and all helps someone down the line. Of course, if there’s a like-minded benefactor out there that has funds burning a hole in their pocket then please feel free to get in touch, I would love to hear from you. I know, slim chance but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

In the meantime, while we’re waiting for said benefactor, we shall start putting some ideas together for raising both funds and awareness. Any suggestions you have will always be gratefully received. It’s a huge undertaking when you stop and think about it, maybe that’s why not many actually do.

I’m only just starting with the Social Media side of things so any help with sharing and liking would be welcome. All the various ‘buttons’ are scattered around. Comments and questions are always appreciated and will be answered asap.

For now, I’ll leave you to your day, enjoy and be well.

Twack Romero.



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50 thoughts on “Twacks Foundation For The Future”

  1. Congrats on Twack Foundations! It doesn’t mean what stage you are in but at least you are starting something and that is amazing! I am struggling myself with all the things that I want to do and obstacles but I do share the same opinion as you, slowly but surely. 🙂 Good luck on your charity. I used to work for the charity and it was worth every minute of my time! 

    1. Thank you ever so much for your thoughtful comments. I think I wanted to put it out there, that was the ‘start’ otherwise it’s just thoughts and ideas. Sometimes we just have to get up and start doing. Not sure yet if ‘Charity’ is the way to go. There are a few options, just need to see which one fits best.

      Thank you again.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero

  2. Thank you for the concept of your site.  The idea of a foundation that is based on kindness in all its form is wonderful.  A rough translation of my favorite Bible verse is ” Treat others as more important that yourself.”  Kindness is infectious, but it is also healing for the kind individual.  I think you have laid out a good case.  I look forward to reading more in the future.  One concept that would be interesting to address is how do we act in kindness on a national scale or is that even necessary if we are doing so individually.  Thank you for the well thought out, stimulating site.

    1. You are very welcome and thank you for stopping by and leaving a rather wonderful and insightful comment. Kindness is infectious as is happiness and misery will find no partners here. 

      How do we act in kindness on a national scale ? Is the need negated if we all, individually become intrinsically kind? I think the first part is possibe and the second hopeful. It is a question I have probed many times and taken it to friends and strangers for their input. Two answers that seems to keep coming up is that we all feel that if we do a little then that will help but also that someone else will probably do something. I think we can do more. 

      Over the next few years I hope to make inroads into that. 

      Thanks again.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  3. I don’t know why I’m feeling this way but I’m very sure you’ve done a vet great job, success tells not in a day but by continual and persistent days of work, dedication. Twack foundation is for a better cause, we should have more like it around, it’ll help our society grow stronger in love and harmony. Also, I like the fact that you’ve embedded in the article lots of lessons about words and actions, it a great idea. I wish you all the best in your endeavors, thanks of adding to humanity.

    1. Let me start by saying a huge thank you, for taking the time to have a read through and leaving such a warm and thoughtful reply. It would be awesome if we had more around. A society based on love and harmony would be idyllic. If any of us can add to humanity, then that can only be a good thing. So much we can do. 

      Thank you again for your kind words.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  4. Iv’e read your article carefully . with deep interest and curiosity. I have been focussing on building a better word, it would seem Twack fits the bill, You have covered so much and yet not enough. I am still not clear in my mind I understand every thing. Is ti possible to clearly list a set of goals 1,2,3,4,etc and elaborate a little on each for a better understanding. I am very interested  in the concept, but more specific details would be helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I thank you for taking the time to read through the article. I will admit that much of what I’ve written and still write, does seem clearer in my head than it does on the page. At the moment we’re still in the early stages, brainstorming if you like. Just coming into the last quarter of the first year, so it’s still very early days. I’m still information and research gathering at the moment. Be reassured though that there will be more to come and hopefully that will firm up some of the ideas I have for moving forward. 

      Thank you again.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  5. What a great idea! While I completely agree with you that actions speak louder than words, I also believe that words can be the starting point for actions. Sounds like you have a brilliant idea here to help a world that is in dire need of help! I will keep up with this website to see your progress and help out where I can. Congratulations on creating such a novel idea and hope that you have much success with Twacks Foundation! 

    1. Thank you Travis. The chain of events can differ from person to person. An idea then becomes something more tangible when it is written down, or in this case, put into text. Then the really hard works comes, by having to act upon it to make it real. You right though, it starts with words, spoken or otherwise. Really appreciate your thoughts, thank again.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  6. Random and deliberate acts of kindness will always have a place in my heart. So I am all in with the concept you have in mind for a better and more humane world.
    On reading your post, I have a feeling that you have not finally decided on the direction you would like to go with Twacks as well as the scope of what you want to embark on. These are important parameters in determining the amount and source of funding you would need.
    Benefactors, philanthropists with wads of cash are looking for causes to sponsor but those causes have to resonate with them and be well defined.
    If the cause is well defined, the benefactor can easily decide if it resonates with him and get behind it.

    1. Thank you for such an insightful reply. You have made some really good points and ones that I am currently working on. The choices are many and difficult because there are so many issues that need to be addressed in a complicated world. It all needs careful consideration and rest assured your response has given me food for thought when it comes to defining those parameters. Thank you so much for taking the time.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  7. Wow, this is SUCH an interesting article, website and overall concept that I have had the pleasure of stumbling across today 🙂

    I love your inspiring words and I really like that you make it clear that “TwAcK” is honestly whatever we want/need it to be. Genius.

    It’s so important that we work to spread kindness and unity all over the globe so I think what you’re trying to achieve here is fantastic and I am totally on board with your mission!

    You’re right in saying that every single charity is worthy in their own way and it comes down to what they mean to us on an individual level. I personally choose to donate to charities that I feel I have a deep connection with, usually something that I or someone close to me has been through etc.

    Thank-you so much for this engaging read!

    1. Thank you for such a kind and thoughtful reply. Happy that you like the concept, at first glance it’s not always easy to grasp but you did and that’s awesome. It may seem like a far-fetched idea but hey, there have been a few ideas over time that have become very real. Just need to keep working at it. It’s made easier knowing that there are those like yourself who are on board.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero

  8. I’m one of those people who was more of a speaker than a does, especially more of an imaginer and day dreamer and wisher. I’ve learned not to do that anymore and realised the best way to get a thing done is to do it so instead of just talking I make sure I get to work on it right quick before I forget about it. Instead of reading about success stories and hoping you too could do it start working on doing it. 

    One good reason why people don’t succeed is they spend more time fantasizing about it and researching about it and thinking about it and talking about it when they should be doing it. I’m also part of some charity organisation and I realised that we have been idle for a while time to make the thing work. I think I like the issues of life being discussed here, real good points made in the article.

    1. Hi Donny, really appreciate your comments and I am in total agreement. There’ plenty of ‘talk’ out there, sound bites and the like. Sometimes it’s good to talk about things but then we need to do something about it. If  we wait for someone else to do it, then it might never happen. Thanks for stopping by.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  9. What a charity for a fantastic cause! For a world we live in, we can certainly use more kindness. I love the concept behind it and your passion really comes through all the words. I know you are still at an early stage, I am very curious to see what specifics objectives that will come out of this. Best of luck!


    1. Hello, Chloe, I am so happy you enjoyed the article. A little bit of kindness from everybody, everyday would make such a huge difference. This year has been somewhat overwhelming. As I’ve looked deeper into things I just kept adding to the list of areas I would like to explore. Now I need to prioritise. Hopefully, in the next few months I will have a clearer picture and will be able to put down some defintitve goals and plans. Of course, when I do, I shall be posting them on here. Thank you again for your time and thoughts.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  10. You are about to form a group with a laudable purpose which you do not want to categorically name it as a Charity Foundation. What I see you needed to forge is the foundational concept that may include, what are the objectives, vision, and mission. I think this will give a clear step and direction as to where will this venture go. I know this is still on the stage of conceptualization and benefactors would really want to know what is it.

    Good luck with your wonderful plan and I wish you success.

    1. If I had to sum up the next page on the ‘to do’ list, your answer would cover it. This is a great response and really cuts to the heart of the next stage. Without it, although there is a sentiment orientated idea, there is nothing substantial for anyone to get behind. I will be working hard to remedy this and will be putting together a plan that details some of the areas you have touched upon. Stunning. Many thanks.

      Be well

      Twack Romero

  11. I like the idea that your foundation is all about doing rather than just talking.  Helping others has been my main mission in life with my work in mental health and the non profit world.

    I support all causes whose intention is to make a positive difference in the world and in the lives of others.  Actions really do speak louder than words.  

    I look forward to your success in promoting your foundation and making a positive difference.  All the Best in your endeavors.

    1. Hello Joseph, thank you for your thoughts and I totally agree. It’s time for doing and actually making something happen. That’s what I intend to do and this article is my way of putting out a statement of intent. Together we all create kindness is more than just words, that’s for sure and with Twacks Foundation ideas I hope to make that the case. Thank you again.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero

  12. Very brilliant and impressive idea, I must say. With so much going on in the world, we need more joy than pain. More kindness that hostility. What are your specific immediate or long term goals?

    1. Thank you so much for such a kind reply. ‘More joy than pain’ sounds like an epic tagline. Over the coming weeks I will be addressing exactly that question. Goals, what are they ? There are so many and like I have mentioned, anything is better than nothing but at the same time I do not want to dilute anything. With some preliminary thoughts it is also possible that some issues will be addressed by helping just one. Many are interconnected. Thank you again.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero

  13. Hey Twack, awesome article. You seem inspired in your article which is awesome because when you do anything keeping motivation is hard so I admire that and if I’m being completely honest here, your motivation is a good tool in the way of doing business online because it can take time and that motivation can drop. Awesome job!

    1. Hi there R.J. So glad you enjoyed the article. I am indeed passionate and inspired to be working towards creating something that will make a difference. Staying motivated is alwasy easier when it is for something you believe deeply in, that’s for sure. Appreciate you taking the time to drop by.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  14. I love the message you are trying to get out to the world! I am a firm believer and living proof that acts of kindness not only spread so much love around the world, but they are so important for personal well-being and growth. 

    Until the first time someone has “paid it forward” to you personally, you may not understand what it truly feels like and the power it drives within you to want to do something for another human is outstanding.

    I have been fortunate enough to have people “pay it forward” to me on multiple occasions. The feeling is incomparable, especially you are feeling like you’re having a crappy day. 

    On that note, I do have one story to share. I was heading into the Starbucks drive-through line before work one morning and another car who had shown up after me was appearing to be very frustrated. For whatever reason, she was upset that I have moved up in line ahead of her, even though I had been there before her. She proceeded to throw her hands in the air and throw me the finger and mouth what I am sure were less than appropriate words. 

    Usually, I just roll my eyes at people who act like that because they are clearly just very unhappy and angry people. For whatever reason that day I decided I was going to use it as an opportunity to pay it forward. I told the barista I would like to pay for the lady behind me and I went about my day. 

    To most, this might not make much sense at all. But to me, it was a perfect opportunity to share the love and hopefully allow someone the opportunity to take a step back and create more kindness in the future rather than anger. 

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hello Kay, firstly, thank you for reading my post and leaving, what has to be, the best comment ever. Take a bow, it was awesome. Such a wonderful story. These are the ones we read about and always think how cool it would be to do such a thing. You, however, not only managed to ‘do’ but also when you could have been affected in a really negative way. You turned it on its head, kudos. You’ve managed to take the the whole ‘Pay it Forward’ ethos to another level.

      Many like the idea of paying it forward and altruism but don’t always grasp it fully, too often it’s just a favour and something is expected in return, maybe not immediately but somewhere down the road. ‘You owe me one’ is a phrase that pops into mind.  Doing something for somone else and not wanting something in return is one thing, doing it and not even thinking that you don’t want something and you’re not thikning how great you are for doing it, then you’re getting down to it.

      A great share Kay, thank you so much.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  15. Such an awesome post, thanks for sharing this and congrats on what you’re creating with Twack. It’s an awesome concept and you’re up to something big and powerful here. I’m excited that you’re rolling it out on social media and am confident that the right benefactor will be coming your way as like you I have confidence in the right things happening at the right time. Meanwhile I will be following along and am looking forward to seeing things grow. 

    1. Hi Judy, thank you ever so much for your kind words and I’m pleased you enjoyed the post and the concept. Yes, a benefactor would be awesome and I will continue to think positive thoughts in that direction. In the meantime I will just continue to work as hard as I can to make these ideas a reality. There’s so much we can do with the right outlook and a positve attitude and of course intent. 

      Thank you again Judy, I shall keep you updated as when things happen, as I know they will.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  16. This is a wonderful thing you’re doing.  Creating something for the betterment of mankind.  It would be great if more of the world had the concerns that you have and actually did something about it.  As you wrote, “actions speak louder than words.” I wish you much success with the Twack foundation!
    Thanks for the opportunity to view your post!

    1. A huge thank you Nathaniel for your thoughts and encouragement. You have reinforced the point, more of the world needs to be aware and take action. That would make such a difference. Hopefully that’s what we will achieve. If we all do something, what a change we could create in our world. Thanks again, your support is very much appreciated.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  17. Thank you Twack Romero for this wonderful topic: Kindness. Those days, Kindness is becoming a rare pearl. Sometimes we think that we have nothing to offer to other people but , I strongly believe that each person has someone’s solution in his pocket.We just need to be bold and start something.Your article is a good booster to encourage people to give a bit of their time, their money, their smile.Indeed sharing is caring.

    1. What a wonderful reponse, thank you. I am so pleased you enjoyed it. Sharing is indeed caring and you have done just that. Your line “Each person has someone’s solution in his pocket” is inspiring, to say the least. We can all make a difference if we put our minds to it.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  18. Yes, you stated it and its true that “actions speak louder than words” Though words can make a change in life, we need to take action if we are to create a difference. Twacks foundation is a good thing you are building because many people out there need help, they need to be cared for and they need someone to depend on. keep up.

    1. Mugalu, thank you for such an insightful reply. The world is never going to be short of those who need ours, or someones help. Words can help some in many good ways but I feel that it’s time for us all to do something more than just that. Hopefully we can all make that happen.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  19. Hi There!  What a positive “pay it forward” sight.  I like what you said about clarifying your goals and they will happen.  Even though this is novel it is also simple to do.  Thank you so much for the care you show, and building foundations for the future.  This world is sure hurting for this information.  What a joy it would be if everyone could read this! All the Best, Krista

    1. Hello Krista and thank you. I share your hope that it would be good for many to see this and in doing so it would cause them to take action and make a difference. We all have choices in our lives but it wouldn’t take much, if we all did something, to make a huge change in the world. 

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  20. Hello.
    I think it is incredible that you are attempting to create something that can help people. There have been many days that I dream about creating something that could benefit people, but I have no clue how even to get started, so it turns into thought and not an action. I hope you are successful in getting things running the way you envision them, and I will be checking back periodically to see your vision unfold.

    1. Hi there T.K. and thank you for your support and encouragement. I was just like you and had no idea where to start. In true Twack fashion I just started and began to make something where previously there was nothing. Where else can we start ? Sometimes we just have to begin and see where we go. Always moving forward.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero

  21. Congrats on the Twack Foundation! I really commend you on taking this giant step! 

    I believe most people have a wish to help others and as such have good hearts and good intentions however, very few actually take steps such as you are taking to make this happen in any tangible way. I will be happy to spread the word and in doing such I can only hope to have some part in you finding the benefactor you’ve been searching for. 

    I wish you luck and success in your very worthy mission! 

    1. Thank you Shannon, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this post and leave such a wonderful comment. I agree that for many their hearts do go out to those who are in need of help. We can all contribute in our own way and that is still incredible. I just want to take the next step. It won’t happen over night but it will happen and that’s what I keep saying to myself. Spreading the word is where we’re at and I’m moved that you would want to help to do that, so very kind, thank you again.

  22. Hi there,

    To be honest, I was a little disconnected at the beginning because I was looking to find out what this Twack’s Foundation is all about. As I read along, I got to find out that it has a lot to do with helping people in the world. I am a firm believer in your dreams. I think this is the essence for existence. In one way or another we should make some positive impart in this world.

    Yes, your ideas are coming to reality. Your dreams are coming to fruition. You really have a great idea about what I would call Synergy in Donation. This is not really found in many charity organization. We don’t know what happens sometimes to t he person in need to whom we just donated. Sometimes too there is a gap in communication between the person in need and the giver. 

    I believe your system can solve these problems if logistics is taken really seriously. I think there is a wealth of resources on the internet on great systems you can implement in the process. I wish you great speed and excellence in achieving your goal. I would like to celebrate with you when you finally launch actualize this. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. This is an awesome reply and I thank you ,deeply for it. I love the phrase ‘Synergy In Donation’ and I totally get where you’re coming from with it. Actually being a part of the solution, for me, means actively making a difference. Seeing the results first hand not only means you can appreciate the effort that has been made but it also allows you to evolve and finetune, make sure you’re doing the right thing. Research will be key, as you say. Time spent now will be worth it in the long run.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  23. Love the post. Interesting with great ideas. 

    Must admit I have been put off most charities in recent years with all the scandals and reading about how little of the money actually goes to help the people its meant to help. I also don’t like that a good chunk of the money given gets invested rather than used. Have known people who worked for charities and were appalled at the sheer waste of money on things of no consequence. Too many are purely businesses and seem to have lost sight of their original purpose.

    Having said all that, I do know that a few places actually use all the money given to do good. That many Hospice’s for end of life care rely completely on donations to keep running. 

    Enjoyed the post and have shared on social media, Twitter and Pinterest, to help spread the word.


    1. Linda, such a insightful response and I thank you for that. 

      You have touched on one of the areas that will really need to be looked at in detail and hashed out thoroughly. One of the reasons I am looking into ‘building’ something is in part because of the reasons you have touched upon. It’s a kind of ‘direct action’ set up. Something that is a part of the organisation itself. Like I mentioned, as much good as various entities do, I want the whole of the efforts to be accountable for and not to just be some vague part of something else. I want to be able to help at the source of the issues rather than from afar and for everything to be transparent and accountable from the start.

      Your sharing was so kind and I thank you for that and for taking the time to leave such a meaningful comment. Long way to go but we’ll get there.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  24. Hi Twack, an interesting post. Talk of a foundation makes think you are trying to leave a legacy. I think pursuing such a concept is quite rare these days. We are wrapped up in our own worlds. Maybe that is too much of an over generalisation. I like the paying it forward concept. I remember the pay it forward movie. It would be great if something like that could take off for real and could be tracked to encourage others. Hope it goes well Twack!

    1. Hi James, thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment, greatly appreciated. I like your thinking. A legacy works for me. That’s why I want to build something, rather than just raise money for causes, never knowing if you’re actually making a difference. I know there are many good causes out there and all very deserving but I want to be more hands on. Create something out of nothing to do good, not just now but for the future. Thanks again for your warm words.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

  25. Hello Twack,

    I appreciate your view of the world – your genuine love of life and humanity. The ultimate value and benefits of working to help others and paying it forward is so admirable.

    On my website: my goal is to help people find a better balance of work & family life by providing solutions and guidance for remote or “virtual” work alternatives.

    I look forward to learning more about your goals and seeing the expansion of your mission!

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi John, really appreciate your comment and thank you for taking the time to read my offering. Creating a work life balance is becoming more and more important these days. We know that work is important but making sure we have chance to enjoy life during that journey is also crucial. So many miss out on so much and don’t realise until the time has past. Sounds like an awesome site you have going on. I will make sure I drop in. Thanks again.

      Be well.

      Twack Romero.

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